Chazz Design Studio

Chazz Design Studio

Interior Design for Chazz Design in Madrid.

Chazz is a global design studio with a team of specialized professionals committed to designing a new generation of impactful and tangible business models, products and services that have a real human and business purpose.

Located in the heart of Madrid (Spain) this 600m2 office was designed to be a warm space to give employees the right tools for work, inspiration and colllaboration. Was designed to fit a 30 people team under one roof with lots of “home” touches. The space offers an open kitchen design created to promote connectivity and collaboration between employees and clients. With lot of wood, handmade details and iconic furniture the concept behind the identity CHAZZ is visible all around the place. Square thinking, maths and methodology (chess) co-lives with improvisation and innovation (jazz).

Client          Chazz Design
Services     Interior Design
Branding     Erretres
Year            2018